ViMusic APK Download For Android

ViMusic App

Are you tired of endlessly searching for your favorite tunes? Look no further! ViMusic  is here to revolutionize your music discovery experience.

ViMusic an Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music. Download ViMusic APK latest version and enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime.

Vi Music app for Android as well as PC is the music player with features like:

  • Play any song or video from YouTube Music
  • Background playback
  • Cache audio chunks for offline playback
  • Search for songs, albums, artists videos and playlists
  • Fetch, display and edit songs lyrics or synchronized lyrics
  • Audio normalization
  • Android Auto

ViMusic App Overview

App NameViMusic APK
Compatible WithAndroid 4.4 or up
Latest VersionV0.5.4
UpdatedTue Jul 9, 2024 (Today)
File Size2.57 MB
GenreMusic & Audio

ViMusic APK Download For Android

ViMusic App is not available on Google Play Store due to policy restrictions imposed by Google. Here are the simple steps to download and install Vi Music APK latest version 2024 on your android devices:


Step 1: Click on the ‘”Download APK” button given above to access the ViMusic Mod APK download page.

Step 2: Then click the ‘Download‘ button to start downloading the APK file.

Step 3: Wait for the APK file to download completely.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, proceed with the Android installation process.

How To Install ViMusic Mod APK on Android?

So friends, I hope you have downloaded the app. Follow these steps to install ViMusic Mod APK on your Android phone:

  1. Locate the downloaded APK file in your device storage.
  2. Tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process.
  3. Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting on your Android device. You can typically find this setting under “Settings” > “Security” or “Privacy”.
  4. Once you’ve addressed any permission requests, the installation process will proceed.
  5. Allow the installation to finish without any interruptions.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app by tapping on its icon.

ViMusic App Key Features

We have already mentioned several features of Vi Music app in the above paragraph. However, if you want to know more extensive features about Vi Music, read the following paragraph:

Download Vi Music APK

YouTube Premium Music Access

With the ViMusic Android app, you can access millions of songs, albums, playlists, and more from YouTube. Discover new music tailored to your preferences, genre, mood, or favorite artists.

Ad-Free Experience

Say goodbye to the frustrating interruptions of ads. The ViMusic APK offers a completely ad-free listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your music without any disruptions.

No Rooting Required

ViMusic utilizes the YouTube Music API, which works on all Android phones without the need for rooting. This means you can use the app without modifying your device system, ensuring safety and security.

Offline Music

Listen to your favorite songs even without an internet connection. Simply download your preferred tracks and enjoy them offline. Just make sure you have enough storage space available.

Background Playback

Minimize the ViMusic app and keep your music playing while you use other apps. Enjoy uninterrupted background playback on your Android phone.

Audio Optimization

Customize your listening experience by adjusting the song music and audio levels to your liking. Modify the equalizer, filter, range, spread, bass, and more to create the perfect sound.

Android Auto Compatibility

Control ViMusic with voice commands or touchscreen while driving using Android Auto. Easily play, pause, shuffle, skip, repeat, and search for songs with this convenient feature.

Lyrics Display

View lyrics or synchronized lyrics for the songs you’re listening to. Search for songs, artists, albums, and more using keywords or phrases to find the perfect track.

Import Playlists

Bring in your favorite playlists from any music app and listen to them on ViMusic. The process is simple, and you can even export your Music playlists to other apps like Spotify.

Manage Songs Queue

Easily view and manage your song queue. Add, remove, rearrange, and clear songs in the ViMusic app, with your queue being saved even after restarting the app.

Social Media Sharing

Share your favorite music with friends and family via social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Copy the song or playlist link and send it to anyone you want.

Sleep Timer

Set a sleep timer to automatically turn off the music after a certain amount of time. Choose between a custom timer or predefined intervals to suit your needs.



What is ViMusic App?

ViMusic is an Android app that provides access to YouTube Music’s extensive library, offering features like ad-free playback, offline listening, background playback, and more.

Is Vi Music APK safe to use?

Yes, Vi Music is safe to use and does not require rooting your device.

How can I listen to ViMusic?

Download and install the Vi Music app on your Android device to start listening to your favorite music.

What does ViMusic app cost?

ViMusic is free to use, offering premium features without a subscription.

Can I listen to music offline with ViMusic?

Yes, you can download your favorite songs and listen to them offline.

Can I create my own playlists on ViMusic?

Yes, you can create, manage, and customize your own playlists within the Vi Music app.

Can I use ViMusic with Android Auto?

Yes, Vi Music is compatible with Android Auto, allowing you to control playback while driving.

Can I share songs or playlists with friends?

Yes, you can share songs and playlists with friends using social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.